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December 29 to 31, 1914 

Pursuant to the announcement in the program of the Annual 
Meeting the Executive Committee met in Room 46, McCosh Hall, 
at 9 a. m., Tuesday, December 29. There were present President 
Gray and Messrs. Babson, Carver, Fetter, McCrea, Seligman, 
Willcox, and Young. 

As the minutes of the previous meeting had been mailed to the 
members of the Committee, their reading was dispensed with. 

The Secretary reported that although the power to appoint an 
auditing committee lay with the Executive Committee it had been 
necessary for the President to ask three members of the Association 
to audit the books of the Treasurer in advance of the Annual 
Meeting. By vote of the Executive Committee the members so 
designated, Messrs. Donald English, R. G. Blakey, and A. P. 
Usher, were constituted the Auditing Committee. 

The Secretary also reported that with the approval of the in- 
dividual members of the Committee, obtained by correspondence. 
President Gray had appointed Mr. W. S. Gifford as representa- 
tive of the Association on the Joint Committee on Standards for 
Graphic Presentation. This appointment was made at the invita- 
tion of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and repre- 
sentatives on the Committee had already been appointed by the 
Actuarial Society of America, the American Academy of Political 
and Social Science, the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, 
the American Institute of Mining Engineers, the American Asso- 
ciation of Public Accountants, the American Society of Mechanical 
Engineers, the American Statistical Association, and the United 
States Census Bureau. By vote of the Committee the appointment 
was approved. 

It was voted to empower the Secretary at his discretion to permit 
matter which has appeared in the publications of the Association 
to be reprinted elsewhere. It was provided, however, that per- 
missions to reprint from the American Economic Review must 
also have the approval of the Managing Editor. By vote of the 
Committee the authors of two papers on the program of the cur- 
rent meeting were given permission to publish their papers in 
advance of the publication of the Proceedings of the meeting. 

Business Meetings 301 

A business meeting of the Association was held in Room 46. 
McCosh Hall, at 9.45 a. m., Tuesday, December 29, President 
Gray presiding. 

The reading of the minutes of the previous annual meeting was 
omitted, as these had already been published in the Proceedings 
of that meeting. 

The President announced the appointment of the following 
committees : 

On nominations : Messrs. E. R. A. Seligman, R. T. Ely, J. W. 
Jenks, H. W. Farnam, F. A. Fetter, and D. Kinley. 

On resolutions: Messrs. G. A. Warfield, C. W. Wright, and 
J. H. Hollander. 

The reports of the Secretary, of the Treasurer, and of the 
Auditing Committee were read and each was, by vote, approved. 

Professor E. R. A. Seligman presented a preliminary report from 
the Joint Committee on Academic Freedom and Academic Tenure 1 
(see Proceedings of the Twenty-sixth Annual Meeting, pp. 196, 
199). It was voted that the report be received and that the com- 
mittee of three representing the American Economic Association 
be continued. 

The Executive Committee met at 9.30 a.m., Wednesday, 
December 30, in Room 46, McCosh Hall. There were present 
President Gray, and Messrs. Babson, Carver, Dewey, Farnam, Fet- 
ter, Hammond, Kinley, McCrea, Willcox, and Young. 

It was voted to reconsider the action taken by the Committee 
on May 11, 1914, by which it was decided to hold the annual meet- 
ing for 1915 in San Francisco during the first week in September. 
It was reported by the Secretary that an earlier date was pre- 
ferred by the representatives of our members on the Pacific Coast. 
It was voted that a meeting be held at San Francisco in the second 
week of August. It was also voted to recommend to the Associa- 
tion that two meetings be held in 1915 : one in San Francisco at 
the date mentioned, and one at some other point, possibly in the 
Middle West, in the last week in December. 

A business meeting of the Association was held in Room 46, 
McCosh Hall, on Thursday morning, December 31, at 9 o'clock, 
with President Gray in the chair. 

The Secretary read the following resolution, which, upon motion 

1 The report is printed below, p. 316. 

302 American Economic Association 

of Professor W. F. Willcox, had been adopted at the joint session 
of the American Economic Association and the American Statis- 
tical Association on Wednesday morning, December 30: 

Resolved, That the American Economic Association and the American Sta- 
tistical Association here meeting in joint session are requested to consider 
the expediency of appointing cooperating committees on the relation of these 
Associations to the statistical work of the federal government. 

Professor W. F. Willcox then presented the following resolution : 

Resolved, That the Executive Committee be authorized to appoint a com- 
mittee of five upon Federal Work in Statistics, with power to add to its 
membership and to cooperate with a similar committee of the American Statis- 
tical Association. 

By vote of the Association the resolution was adopted. 

The Secretary then read the following resolution, which had 
been introduced by Mr. M. M. Dawson at the joint session 
of the American Economic Association and the American Statis- 
tical Association, and which had by vote of those present at that 
session been referred to the respective Associations for action: 

Whereas, by Resolution No. 68, called for by resolutions of the American 
Statistical Association, the American Association for Labor Legislation, the 
American Federation of Labor, the Actuarial Society of America, and other 
civic and labor associations, the Senate of the United States has called upon the 
Commissioner of Labor Statistics for a report on mortality and disability among 
persons in different occupations; and 

Whereas, the Commissioner of Labor Statistics has expressed his willingness 
to perform this work and has asked for an appropriation of $25,000 to enable 
him to do so, which request is now before Congress, 

Be It Resolved, That the American Economic Association and the American 
Statistical Association, in joint session at Princeton, N. J., respectfully urge 
upon Congress the pressing need at this time for such statistics and the wisdom 
of providing the funds required to enable the Commissioner of Labor Statis- 
tics to collect, analyze, and report all statistics relating to such mortality and 
disability as may be at his command. 

By vote of the Association this resolution was referred to the 
Executive Committee with power to act upon it or to refer it to the 
new Committee on Federal Work in Statistics. 

The recommendation of the Executive Committee that two 
meetings of the Association be held in 1915, one in San Francisco 
in the second week of August and one at some other point in the 
last week of December, was then presented to the Association. It 
was voted to approve the recommendation of the Committee, with 
the understanding that the Committee should still feel itself free to 
take further action in regard to both places and dates. 

Business Meetings 308 

Professor F. A. Fetter reported for the committee appointed 
by the Executive Committtee to consider various problems con- 
nected with the offices of Secretary and Treasurer (see Proceed- 
ings of Twenty-sixth Annual Meeting, pp. 197, 200) that it recom- 
mended that no change be made in the present arrangements for 
conducting the work of these offices. By vote the report was 

Professor E. R. A. Seligman presented the report of the com- 
mittee on nominations, which made the following nominations : For 
President, Walter F. Willcox; for Vice-Presidents, T. N. Carver, 
Balthasar H. Meyer, Jacob H. Hollander; for Secretary-Treas- 
urer, Allyn A. Young; for Editor of the American Economic 
Review, Davis R. Dewey; for members of the Executive Committee, 
Roger W. Babson and Wesley C. Mitchell; for members of the 
Editorial Board, Herbert E. Mills (to take the place of J. H. 
Hollander resigned), Clive Day, and Herbert J. Davenport. 

It was unanimously voted to accept this report and to authorize 
the Secretary to cast the vote of the members present for the list 
of officers named. The vote was so cast and officers named were 

The committee on resolutions presented the following report, 
which was adopted by unanimous vote. 

The American Economic Association expresses sincere appreciation of the 
hospitality extended to us by Princeton University, and particularly of the 
careful arrangements and untiring efforts of the special Committee on Local 

Be it therefore Resolved: That the Secretary be requested to make in the 
minutes formal record of these sentiments; and to transmit copies of these 
resolutions especially to the Committee on Local Arrangements, to President 
and Mrs. Hibben, to Professor and Mrs. George B. McClellan, to Dean and 
Mrs. Magie, to the members of the Nassau Club, and to all who have con- 
tributed to the success of the Twenty-seventh Annual Meeting. 

G. A. Wabfield 
C. W. Weight 


Committee on Resolutions. 

The matter of the proper preparation of the national budget 
having been brought up for consideration, it was voted to empower 
the Executive Committee to take action, or, at its discretion, to 
refer the matter to the Committee on Federal Work in Statistics. 

The Executive Committee met at 10 a.m., Thursday, December 

304 American Economic Association 

31, in Room 46, McCosh Hall. There were present Messrs. Dewey, 
Fetter, Farnam, Gray, Hammond, Kinley, Willcox, and Young. 

Professor E. D. Durand presented the following resolution as a 
report from the sub-committee upon the matter of university 
credits for work done by graduate students in connection witli pub- 
lic commissions, efficiency bureaus, etc. (see Proceedings Twenty- 
seventh Annual Meeting, p. 200) : 

Resolved, That it is the sense of this Association that universities may 
properly, under conditions to be prescribed by each, grant reasonable credit, 
not exceeding the credit granted for one year of university residence, toward 
advanced degrees, for research work along economic and statistical lines done by 
previously matriculated students as employees in or under direction of govern- 
mental departments or private organizations or associations. 

It was voted that the report be received and the committee 
discharged, but that the discussion of the report be deferred.